Russell Nygard


Josh Montazeri


Paul Spring

From May 14th to May 24th, I’m canoeing from Albany to Manhattan, NY. With my guitar in the boat, I’ve scheduled 7 concerts along the banks and will camp nearby wherever I can. In 2015 I spent 48 days paddling the Mississippi and playing, so 12 days on the Hudson feels very manageable. From venues like the Saugerties Lighthouse and Bannerman Castle to a final show at City Winery in Manhattan for the album release of “River Flows Two Ways” - The Mohican name for the Hudson.

This new record is a collection of solo live recordings. My friend and collaborator Jon Nellen has always encouraged solo acoustic arrangements of my more drum machine and effect laden recordings. So, over two afternoons in March 2024, he recorded live acoustic versions of 14 previously released songs. The only overdubs occur on “Towards a Center” and “How To Love You”, where Jon added quiet background piano. The remaining 12 songs are solo vocal and guitar, representative of what listeners will hear at the Hudson river concerts. Ticket info on Shows page.